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Who is Ruben Ramirez?

Born in McAllen, TX in June 1982, Ruben R. Ramirez is a lifelong resident of the Rio Grande Valley; having left only for college and military service. He was raised between two homes following his young parents’ separation and divorce at the age of 4. While he never had the traditional family unit, the love, values and skills he learned and developed from each household were strong and are ever present today. Throughout his life many people have had positive impacts in Ruben’s life; however, Ruben accounts most of his success in life to two truly inspirational people: his grandmother Raquel and his father Ruben. They gave him an understanding of what hard work was like with minimum education but that it was not an excuse to be lazy or dependent on the government. Because of his trials and tribulations, Ruben understands the struggles of poverty, but he also understands the ability and responsibility for people to bring themselves out. Read More

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"Today’s Education system is broken. We are spending the most money per student out of all..." Read More



"Where are the Jobs? Sadly they have been sent overseas. America must get back to becoming a..." Read More



"Veterans are committed to the United States of America and its people, it is only right we honor our commitment to them..." Read More

Reservist's Congressional campaign in jeopardy with call to duty in Afghanistan

"Just because it's a long shot... Doesn't mean you shouldn't try for something... If you truly believe in something... And I believe in the people of the Rio Grande Valley... And I believe they need that strong support and leadership... " Read More

Early voting is underway

"When you vote remember to be the change you want to see in Washington by voting for me, Ruben Ramon Ramirez" Read More

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"Ruben R. Ramirez believes in equal rights for same sex marriage couples, an eventual pathway to citizenship for students illegally in the country through no fault of their own and a dual approach to border security with more boots and technology..." Read More